Audible Voicemail Notification

A user reported to me that when she has a new voicemail, her phone will beep every so often to notify her that she has an unheard message. This is on an S505. I wasn’t aware that this was a feature and I can’t find where to turn it off. Any idea’s?

It’s a provisioning option in the Sangoma Template
Settings, Endpoint Manager, flyout menu, Sangoma, select template(s), options tab, Voicemail tone.

Thank you, Lorne! It’s interesting. I am trying to test this on my system here in the office. I have a S500 setup and I enabled Voicemail Tone in the template for this phone. I left a voicemail but so far, there is no audible tone to be heard. Do you know why that might be or if there is any documentation on that feature? I wasn’t able to find anything in the wiki.

Did you confirm on the phone that this setting is enabled?

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