Attended transfer rings back transferee A instead of connecting A to B

Hi. I have been attempting to do an attended transfer, using an SDK package from Ageet which uses the Refer-To with replaces header…Bottom line is, I put both A and B on hold, but when I attempt to transfer A to B, A receives an incoming call (with B’s caller-id). If I accept that call at A, it all works fine - A and B are connected and the transferror is out of the loop…but I do not want the ring-back…I just want to connect A to B during the initial call session.

Anyone have an ida what I may be doing wrong?

Best regards


Why not just use *2. It is built into FreePBX.

Thanks a lot John -
i just discovered that myself, after 1 whole week of trying to accomplish this via the SDK.

The *2 works great, except for the following: there is a 15 second no-answer timeout during the attended transfer, and I can’t seem to find the conf file that would change this timeout. Obviously, 15 sec is way too.

Any idea?

thanks again