Attendant console, software?

We are running freepbx using linksys spa941 phones with a couple of remote extensions.

We’d like for our ‘receptionist’ (and me) to be able to tell the status of each of the extensions - busy, DND, available, etc. That way we can tell if someone’s on the line before we transfer.

I know there’s some hardware solutions, and some pro/paid full attendant consoles. But we just want a little display that shows what lines are busy.

What’s the easiest way to do this? Is there a piece of software we can run on a linux desktop that will show extension status? Or a freepbx extension we could put into a browser window?

Alternatively, is there an entry level phone that would display this right on the phone? The full $300 phone + attendant consoles seem a bit overkill for what we’re looking to do.

Thanks. is only $40 can’t think of a cheaper solution.

The Polycom VVX 400 has 12 buttons and a color screen for around $170. The VVX 300 has 6 line keys for around $115. The 28 button color expansion module and 40 button paper expansion module are supposed to be shipping in December. If you went with the VVX 300 and paper expansion module you would be just over $200 for 48 buttons.