Attendant Console (not phone) Software Recommendations Needed

I am looking for a console recommendation to use with our freepbx asterisk 2.7

The environment is a bussiness call answering service where live person answers the call then transfers to a extension, VM box or to a cell phone.

  • Needs to handle multiple receptionist 4 - 10
  • Drag and Drop with mouse
  • Handle up to 500 extensions
  • 100 - 300 inbound DID
  • Screen Pop on inbound calls (every DID has a dif co. name assined to it, receptionist has to answer thank you for calling unique company name) Has a list of the extensions, VM boxes and Cell Phones associated with DID.
  • XP & Win7

Budget = $0.00 - $900.00

Any help would be apperciated! Virtual brewskie on me in advance.


After installing and deploying iSymphony we found its limitations quickly and the receptionist were not pleased. After a couple of days of screaming we deplyed EVO Technologies console and it is an actual receptionist console.

Draw backs to iSymphony:

  • you have to create a name box for each extension, each cell phone, each direct to voice mail as so on. Screen gets cluttered right away.
  • it does not auto pop all the extensions, cell phones and other numbers that are associated with the DID. The receptionist has to sort through and select.
  • no notes or comments feature

The Positive notes about iSymphony:

  • runs on Java, does not freeze and is quick
  • easy to deploy
  • anyone can figure out the operation

Draw backs to EVO:

  • web based now which is slow and not as solid as the local version they had
  • does not sync, you have to manually add clients, extensions etc. to console
  • you need softphone headset or snom phone to operate with freepbx at the console.

The Positive notes about EVO:

  • does anything you could ever want, really, it can do anything you could ever imagine a console program doing, there is a reason that Regus Offices use it worldwide.
  • Auto screen pop that show anything associated with the DID
  • Looks 1000 times better than iSymphony

Good luck to anyone looking to do a receptionist with different companies behind her, just contact EVO Technologies and save the heartache. Really takes a full day to deploy, they say 5 minutes but it is a 8 hour ordeal if you are going live.


User screen looks good plus it is cheaper than I thought.

The nice thing is they have a free trial, and a FreePBX module that makes configuration a snap.

Create a manager account and then run the setup script and you will testing in no time.

Price gets way out of hand though.

I wish they had a video demo or more screen shots, hate it when companies do not give enough information so you have to download and go through all of that. YTBD if I am going to give it a shot. I will continue to google around today and see what else is out there. Thanks for the point in the right direction.

You might try iSymphony with a soft phone on the computer.