Attaching deployment ID to another email address

When I first installed and activated FreePBX, I ended up using an email account that I didnt want to use. How do I update FreePBX system to attach my deployment ID to another email address?

You should be able to do that in the sangoma portal

Mark a Zend reset and the reactivate it with another account

He’ll loose all commercial modules.

Login to, click you name upper right, click profile and make changes.

I looked all over the portal and no where to update my email address.

I havent purchased any commercial modules yet. Whats the worst that can happen when deactivating? There is an option to deactivate within my profile on the portal and also the option to deactivate from the FreePBX system. Where should I do the deactivation from?

See email section

I think I may have found it. Go into products and you can claim it by entering the deployment ID or serial # of the system. I’m just waiting on Sangoma to approve it.

I tried it but it told me an account already exists.