Attached Voicemails not playing in the browser

We’re sending emails to clients with gmail. On chrome, ffox and safari on the mac your only option is to download the file and then listen to it. It’s not playable in the browser.
I saw this on the pbx in a flash site:

“If you edit /etc/asterisk/ and change

Thought i’d give it a shot but it looks like the /etc/asterisk/
is autogenerated by freepbx.

I looked all through the freepbx admin page but couldn’t find an option to change the format suggested above.

So my question is, how can i make edits to the and not have it overwritten by freepbx?

We’re running FreePBX


I just looked over the and the format option isn’t even in that file. So i guess this isn’t going to work.

I read this over and added the format line to the voicemail.conf but it didn’t help. I’ve seen a howto/script that will convert the files to mp3. But i’ll have to wait to dive into that.


You might wanna try VoiceMail Admin module in FPBX