Atlanta Asterisk User Group Monthly Meeting and Teleconference

Hello Everyone,

We have an outstanding agenda and venue for next week’s meeting!

The topic is “Open Source Network Tasks, Tools and Techniques for Asterisk VoIP” to be presented by members of Georgia Tech’s Information Security Center (GTISC) and distinguished members of Atlanta’s network security industry.

GTISC has also generously offered to host our meeting on campus.

For this meeting we will gather beginning at 6:30PM for a hospitality session and the presentations will start at 7PM.

Watch for an announcement on our website ( regarding directions to the Klaus building and the specific room number.

I will see you there!

Best Regards,

Steven Henke

P.S. This meeting will also be available via the AtlAUG conference
bridge. Those details will also follow.

Hello Everybody,

Our meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM will be held in room 2447 of the Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech. We have a great presentation planned on “Open Source VoIP Security Issues” along with the usual community information and discussion. Please arrive a little before 7:00 PM to more easily gain access to the building. The best spot for parking is in the lot a couple of blocks West of Klaus on the South
side of the stree.

Given that gas is still hard to find in Atlanta and that some of you are out of town, Aretta Communications ( is providing an open conference bridge into the meeting. It’s available via 1-404-492-8060 and the following VoIP methods.

The first method is to configure routes in your Asterisk server dialplan. For example, the following entry in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf and context [from-internal-custom] (or the equivalent file and context for your Asterisk system) routes calls dialed to extension 6345 to the AtlAUG Conference Bridge via a SIP connection over the Internet.

exten => 6345,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=YourName<6785551234>)
exten => 6345,n,Dial(SIP/[email protected])

And this next entry in the same file routes calls to extension 6446 to the Conference Bridge but via an IAX2 trunk.

exten => 6346,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=YourName<6785551234>)
exten => 6346,n,Dial(IAX2/[email protected]/2284)

You can also use the free Zoiper ( softphone client on your computer to connect directly to the Conference Bridge without going through an Asterisk server.

Of course you must first have Zoiper installed and then add a new Zoiper IAX account with Account name ‘AtlaugConf’, Server Hostname ‘’, Username ‘guest’, and no password or other information. Select Show Advanced Options for that account and uncheck "Register on startup’. Apply the new account and click OK. Then from the main user interface, select the new account, go off hook and dial
’2284’. That should connect you to the conference.

Finally, for those really brave souls, you can also connect using the ITAD number of ‘2284*455’. ITAD details are available at “”.

Once again you have a lot of options to join us, we hope to see and/or hear you there!

Best Regards,

Steven Henke

P.S. No promises but we might have a shared desktop available using a Java enabled browser at “” with a password of “aretta”.


You should be able to create a custom extension in FreePBX and put:

sip/[email protected]


IAX2/[email protected]/2284

In the dial box, then dial the extension you created to access the conference call.

I can host recordings of this file on
If you would be willing to do this please let me know at
[email protected]
I can’t make it but would love to here it. So if you record it, i will host it for free for unlimited downloads.
Please let me know.