Atcom Digital Card on FreePbx Distro

Hi everybody,i am using FreePBX Distro,on the server atcom digital card have been installed then i login on to the server using a web interface try to configure the digital card on DAHDI module, the card is not shown,i restart the server remove the card and install again it does not work.

Does the Atcom digital card is compatible with freepbx distro ?

Or do i have to install such as software on the server ?

Thanks !

You need to find out what the equivalent digium card is. Better yet don’t use clone cards.

Digium Cards

Sangoma Cards

Using clone hardware will only lead to hair loss and sadness. With proper hardware from a proper manufacturer you will find better official and community support.

Buying Sangoma Hardware supports the continued development of FreePBX
Buying Digium Hardware supports the continued development of Asterisk.

There are also Rhino Cards as a 3rd option but the state of the company that makes them is in flux so support/warranty on those is unclear.

Ok, if I understand Atcom digital card is not compatible with FreePBX Distro, therefore I need to find out Sangoma or Diguim card that is better for me. Correct ?

Atcom at one point was simply a digium clone that used digiums drivers. If that is still the case then you can simply use the appropriate digium driver. If they changed their pciid ir wrote their own drivers then there would be zero support as atcom has no independent drivers compiled in to the FreePBX Distro

Do i have to install the wanipe driver or does this driver is on default on freePBX,because i installed an Analogue Diguim card on that server it works well ?

Thanks !

wanpipe would be used for Sangoma cards.

Digium, Sangoma Rhino and Xorcom drivers are all installed out of the box

Okay,can you provide me these specific driver that i install them now ?

But i am confused since Analogue card works well then i install a clone Digital Card such as Atcom it does not shown on the DAHDI Module . Please help me fix my issue.

Thanks !