ATA/PBX feature code conflict?

Playing with freepbx and voip, I have bought a 2 line Cisco ATA. I wondered if/how the ATA’s Vertical Service Activation Codes interact/conflict with Feature Codes defined in FreePBX. Some work, some do not. But it does not seem to simply be a case of those, that are undefined on the ATA, being the ones passing through to the PBX.

The vertical service codes are not generally useful and setting them all blank will allow those patterns to be passed through to the PBX and processed there as desired.

If a code is present on the ATA, it may not work as expected, if the relevant support on the PBX side is not present or is implemented differently.

Thanks @Stewart1 So I will assume that any feature code, defined on the ATA, does not get passed to the PBX.
There appear to be some potentially useful functions that AIUI are not handled by the PBX. I will reassign just those that seem to conflict with ones defined & enabled in FreePBX. Trying to catch up after 20+ years of ignoring VoIP!

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