ATA not seen by freepbx

I just set up freepbx distro version and connected an ATA to an extension. Initially, the ATA was not being registered. I then created another extension and this time the ATA registered and I was able to make phone calls then it stopped registering.

A day after, the ATA was again not registering. I tested the ATA by connecting it to another freepbx server version 2.6.06 located in another country. My ATA was able to register when I connected it to I can make calls.

The freepbx distro does not see the phone. In the status page, it does not show any IP Phones. I have been trying to troubleshoot why it does not connect and I don’t understand why it stopped working.

Any suggestions and help will greatly be appreciate.

You need to post some relevant logs for anyone to help you.