ATA and old switching system

We have currently a Siemens Hicom 150E Office Point system in place.
There are 2-3 incoming lines over ISDN and the Siemens system is connected to several analoge simple phones.

Now I’d like to keep the system running for internal calling and ad a freepbx system for outgoing calls. The plan is to cancel the ISDN line as soon as possible.

So here comes the problem.
I have a SPA3102 connected using the Line1 port to the old phone system (extension 16)
and have for testing 2 softphones 209 and 210. I’d like to add the SPA3102 like a trunk if i dial a 2 digit extension it should usw the spa3102 Line1 and call the extension (old siemens sytem).

I can add the spa3102 as an extension and if I call it and have a phone connected to line1 it rings. If I add the spa3102 to the analog phone system on port 16. Nothing happens.

Is the idea to add the spa3102 Line1 as a trunk the right solution or can I just add the spa3102 as an extension and have some sort of dialplan on the spa3102?

Yes, that would be the most common way to do it. I’d set up both lines so you can support two calls at a time, but other than that, you should be good to go.

As a way forward, you can connect a SIP FXS Channel Bank. Connect your phones to that and transition from the POTS phones to SIP phones as your time and money budgets allow. Something like might work for you.

If you are using ISDN (PRI or BRI) look at adding an ISDN SIP gateway for efficiency.

If I catch well your idea, you are trying for use SPA3102 as gateway for routing outgoing trunk calls from Siemens via freePBX.
If so SPA3102 should connect phone port to Siemens analogue trunk port.

The plan is to get some sort of VOIP2ATA box and have 10 old phones connected to it (running new wires is verry expensive in this building) and replace the phones where it is easy with proper VOIP phones.

We have a decent wifi network in the house we could run everything on wifi. The problem is everyone i talk to says avoid wifi if possible. So keeping the copperwires and add some sort of gatway is the way to go i think.

I’m pretty sure this question is answered.

Yes thank you :slight_smile:

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