I have a user with an analog phone attached it an SPA112. When the user presses the “hold” button, MOH isn’t played, yet when they press the “flash” button, it works. I’ve looked all over the net and I’ve seen yay and nay on getting MOH to work with ATA’s. Has anyone found a work around or way of getting it to work with FreePBX? Any help is appreciated.


look to see how the hold button really works on your analog phone and set up the ata appropriately

The hold button on an analog phone is a local action, it simply puts resistance across the line to hold it off hook while disconnecting the phone from the circuit. The ATA has no means of knowing the button has been pressed nor knowing the call is on hold.

Sending a flash event to the ATA does in fact place the call on system hold, the result is music is played.