ATA adapter or whatever I need

Hi guys,

Quick question. I have a Spectrum phone service that’s part of the plan. Am I correct that if I use ATA adapter and plug it to the switch, I can then register it as an extension?

What adapter works with latest FPBX?


I’m pretty sure that you are describing a situation where you want it configured as a trunk, however I’m making some guesses as the exact meaning of “Spectrum phone service”, but I assume it represents the exchange (FXO) rather than a phone (FXS). ATAs are for FXOs are normally called gateways. All the well known ones should work.

I would like this to be as a trunk but honestly don’t know if this will work. It’s a Spectrum home phone service that came with my cable internet, the modem has 2 RJ11 ports.

Ultimately, I just wanted to use it since I paying for it and have extra dect IP phone.

Grandstream makes some nice FXO adapters, such as the
Grandstream GXW4104 Analog 4-FXO Port VoIP gateway

ATAs with one FXO port include:
Grandstream HT813 (current) and HT503 (old), Obihai OBi212 (current) and OBi110 (old), Cisco/Linksys SPA3102 (old) and SPA3000 (really old). These devices also have one FXS port, which may be useful for connecting an analog phone or fax as a FreePBX extension.

The old stuff is often available used on eBay at very low prices.


With this stuff I can configure “land line” as FreePBX extension but not as a trunk?
Also, if I want to handle call flow I have to fiddle it in Spectrum because it’s just an adapter?

Is something like this would work for me if I want to have my “analog” line to be as a trunk:

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