At Commands

Whats interesting with at commands are what ive learned
yet i need support understanding
when we say at commands are we representing ATI or socket modem or bus
command interface takes routing and traffic rules
socket brain Ati represents “Which” error 405 or server timed out?
I thought at commands were for wireless solutions
not re-directs

I think most folks here would have no idea of what your post is about, If you are talking about modems of any sort start with:-

if you are talking about the linux at command

man at

Remember that linux is both “case sensitive” and explicit, so “at” is not the same as “AT” is not the same as “ATT”

Perhaps you could rewrite the whole post so we know what exactly you are asking.

Thanks Dicko i will research the hayes command
I hear alot of the 9200 baud is this frequency scale
or baud rate?
who took over the major support for dial up hand shake
what is Baud

No, 9200 baud is very rarely used.

I think you need to really define to yourself what you are trying to understand, I think you are seriously “off base” right now.

Myy guess is you are trying to make a gsm usb stick work, If so, then just start over from the manufacturers documentation and perhaps chan_dongle for asterisk

chan_dongle for asterisk
do you think this will work?

It works for many, go figure it out :wink:

not currently declared to upload linux text or windows image format
java upgrade
a must

Perhaps you have a friend who can read and write English who could help you here, I’m sorry I just can’t understand what you are trying to say.

Its so nice you are here but dont mis-int-short-me- long
dont understand ? im am tring to say
rf signal
like a cell phone

The problem is that you are not posting in understandable English, for example “mis-int-short-me- long” means absolutely nothing to us English speakers.

Either find a friend who can, or perhaps post in your native tongue and someone might be able to understand what you are actually talking about.

Dicko the one data point that may be handy is chan_dongle, those GSM USB devices use Hayes Style AT commands to dial he calls and all sorts of special S register functionality. In a voice call, any data parameters are meaningless.

So ATDT12125551212 means “ATtention” “Dial” “Tone” then the string

Yeah, I also think that’s where he is heading, but some aren’t even voice devices until you modeswitch them and there is nothing RF like for him to be concerned with, neither do they return 405 or . . . . :slight_smile:

( I wonder if ATDP12125551212 would still work ? )

I think they would have a hard time with dial pulse.

hehe, actually they have trouble just being modems as technically they are codecs, no modulation involved and the dialed number is neither DTMF nor 10pps line pulses as they use GSM (when they work anyway) but the point is that the only useful hayes AT commands would be the Dial ATD command and perhaps ATA or ATO :wink:

Actually there are an entire ass load of cellular extensions to the original Hayes Command Set and the innumerable variants.

There is actually a MODEM in those units as they support FAX, also the v.24/v.25 stuff exists because for quite a while until it got webified the old LEO app’s were designed to run over CDPD 9600 baud serial connections. Both GSM and CDMA before the advent of 1x and EVDO gen whatever also provided this support. GM used it for onstar, they may have gone IP by now (maybe).

Here is a quick document so you can brush up: