Astricon: FreePBX Talk about changes over the last year and what is coming

They published the AstriCon videos and here is the talk about FreePBX and upcoming work by @lgaetz and @cdolese if you haven’t seen it.

Summarized by google gemini:>

Lorne Gates, who works on the FreePBX project at Sangoma, starts the presentation by going over the infrastructure updates made in 2023. Here are the key takeaways for the infrastructure updates:

A new mirror infrastructure was launched in May 2023 to address the issue of frequent mirror outages.
FreePBX Pace bin, a tool to share large blocks of text, was rebuilt and relaunched in June 2023.
The FreePBX project has transitioned away from Atlassian stack to new homes for documentation (Confluence Cloud), issue tracker (GitHub), and code commits (GitHub).

Chris Dolese then talks about the future of FreePBX 17, which will be based on Debian 10. Here are the key takeaways for FreePBX 17:

The main reasons for choosing Debian 10 are simplicity and a single upgrade path.
FreePBX 17 will be installed in less than 7 minutes.
There are only two installation options: base Debian install or net install ISO.
Some notable new features include AI modules for postprocessing recordings and real-time analysis, and improvements to GraphQL.
FreePBX 17 will be released in Beta in a few days and is expected to be generally available in May 2024.

Thanks for sharing @jfinstrom

Did this get taken down? I cannot view and do not seeing when searching on the official asterisk channel either… UGHHH.

Nope? Link works for me.

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Thanks Josh, my brain kicked into gear, just looked on my cell phone and it works just fine. for some reason my company’s DNS filter must be blocking this ,and seemingly only this video from Astricon24…

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