Astricon 2021 and Florida

So Florida is doing what Florida does. The running 7 day average is about 17,000 new cases a day with about 70 deaths a day over the same rolling average. (source)

This makes going to Astricon unattractive for many. Is it time to move it for 2022? You know Arizona is beautiful this time of year :slight_smile:

I have seen Josh and Lorne post they aren’t planning on in person attendance.
I am curious who else is skipping out this year thanks to the plague.

I was actually looking forward to a trip to Florida, I have there way too many friends for a short trip… But after checking the Astricon dates, it does not align well with the holidays I observe.

Well, I’m saying Astricon 2022 in Dubai. The hot summer weathers are definitely the same as in AZ, not sure about the rest… :wink:

Well. Seems like Sangoma does listen to the community.

Except now, my company will not pay back my flight or let me use the company card for the hotel . Because I’ve already booked the entire family to come so they could enjoy Universal Studios while we conferenced. Then a couple extra days to hit the beach and Kennedy, before heading home.

Also, wanted to annoy @mwhite more in person. :smile:

Harass maybe @sorvani… But annoy? never! :grin:


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