Astman failure after upgrading to v12.0.12

I recently upgraded a FreePBX distro from 2.11 to v12. I noticed that I had trouble doing with Google Chrome because the updater module didn’t work properly but it did work with Firefox. I’m not sure if this messed up the upgrade process.

Soon after I began noticing an ‘astman failure’ message in the status display. Everything is similar to this thread:

except that my upgrade release was v12.0.12

When I noticed the problem, the v12.0.13 core/framework modules was available but it didn’t solve anything.

In addition, I’m also getting the ‘Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1’ error message. Asterisk still works and I’m able to place and receive calls but I cannot change anything in the config. I can’t even restore a backup because I’m being told that the backup module is disabled because of the astman error.

Has anyone ever seen this problem and solved it?

Thanks in advance.