Asternic cdrstats warning

Hi guys,

Just giving a feedback like that other fellow won’t be ducked by them.

Be cautious with it. Those guys from Asternic sometimes replied to request when its for selling but as soon as you buy it. there is no support at all, no one from their website where you purchase the soft, from their members website, ticket are closed automatically after few weeks without answer of course
And finally you have a software with bugs and you cannot do anything with all stats are false.
It’s shame because it looked good.

The trick is, to use the chat option on their website during Argentina work hours.

I personally have worked with them several times after reaching out via chat. But I agree, tickets, emails and any other way of reaching out will be ignored.

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Same experience, but fortunately the documentation has been robust enough that we have been able to deploy the solutions ourselves. All of their products that we have used (CC Stats, CDR, FOP2) have been quite good to us so far.

Effectively i just had someone by chat, i stayed on the website until a little pop 'im here" showed and then you can talk to someone finally after months of sending emails. Good Trick.
Thanks mate !

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