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Anyone on this forum have positive experience using Asternic Call Center Stats with newer versions of FreePBX (14/15)? I am looking for something of this reporting detail for queues, with limited effort/maintenance to keep alive and working, as the majority of our cycles are dedicated to other initiatives. Going for the paid, work out of box approach.

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We’ve touched a number of cases in support where Asternic’s MySQL triggers were breaking CDR writes from Asterisk. I had thought they got that fixed, but we got another case last week.

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Had a less than ideal experience with FOP2 that had me nervous about pulling the trigger here. I know it can work, but we are not in a place to be able to invest heavy cycles to make it work. I will hold off for now.

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@lgaetz any thoughts on QueueStats

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None. I don’t recall ever running into it in support.


I have installed and am using both asternic and fop2 in their free version for a month and so far no issues or problems. I couldn’t be more satisfied. We are giving it another month before going for the paid version of both.

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