AsteriskNow vs FreePBX Distro? which one to use?

OK, then, what about this?

I have the backup set to back up everything. Probably, I don’t need to do that, but I don’t (yet) know how to back up the important subset and leave the rest.

I’m perfectly happy with installing the destination FreePBX distro, then installing / upgrading all of the modules I need using that distro’s Admin->Module Admin, then migrating to the new distro only those things from the old that deal with my specific installation (extensions, ring groups, queues, directories, parking lots, etc. etc.). Seems like I should be able to do that without installing broken implementations of DAHDi Config and stuff like that. Haven’t yet figured out, though, how to back up “just enough” without backing up “too much”.

In fact, it seems like there should be a relatively not-too-difficult way to backup the unique-to-one-installation parts of ANY FreePBX installation to restore to ANY OTHER FreePBX installation of that version or later, unless the later versions of FreePBX so fundamentally changed the database format or structure or the items stored there that no such export/import is practical.

I know approximately squat about MySQL programming but am looking for a decent tutorial I can use to learn enough to do that conversion myself. If I’m successful I’ll happily contribute my solution back. Won’t be for a few months, though.

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Apologies, but you must state the problems you faced. Without that you can not tag any distro as creepy or so. I think you must try to check how many satisfied users FreePBX has… It’s one of the very stable distros available for Asterisk!

a. No you can’t, you need CentOS for FreePBX. There are way arounds to install it on Ubuntu but vulnerable to have problems on later stages.

b. Are you trying to ask if you can test PRI functionality within FreePBX?

c. Yes you can. Check out FOP2 Documentation. If you don’t find any, tell us here… any one of us will provide you the exact link…

There is a new release of AsteriskNOW (hxxp:// you can download. It uses asterisk 11 and FreePBX (Framework). In the 32bit version of the software, everything seems to run smoothly (I just used it for testing). For my real production environment I’m using the 64bit version, but theres is something broken on the update module that it will never be able to download the tgz’s from the mirror websites. I think I’ve norrowed it down to the ‘get_headers_assoc’ function in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/module.functions.php line 898. I am able to get the packages manually (simple wget), but for some reason FPBX can’t get it. I’m no programmer and have difficulty following the error from there, but will continue to try to see where the problem is.

For the FPBX developers:
I get both of these errors that show below, so I’m thinking that I’m getting a blank (or null) $headers or blank $url. If I ‘check for updates’, the site will tell me I have 11 modules to update, so I know that it is hitting the mirrors, but somethin’ is fishy from there…

“$headers = false;
foreach ($url_list as $u) {
$headers = get_headers_assoc($u);
if (!empty($headers)) {
$url = $u;
freepbx_log(FPBX_LOG_ERROR,sprintf((‘Failed download module tarball from %s, server may be down’),$u));
if (!$headers || !$url) {
return array(sprintf(
(“Unable to connect to servers from URLs provided: %s”), implode(’,’,$url_list)));

As to my contribution to why I do not like FreePBX Distro…:
*It comes with almost all modules loaded, I do not need most of them, I’d rather install core or very basic modules and build from there. AsteriskNow does this, it gives you an almost minimal install (except for the digium addons).

*During install there is no way of setting proxy server before the second boot. FBX Distro will install the OS first and after reboot the script will run, this one will download the FPBX source and install all the candy. There is no chance to enter proxy settings before the script runs so I always end up having to run the script manually. It is not that big of a deal but with AsteriskNow FPBX is already there when you boot, no need to reboot again.

*I don’t really like to install/update FPBX via repos, but both appliances already do this, so…, tough bananas for me… :frowning:

*I don’t like post FPBX2.9 interface. It is kinda’ eye candy, but it is a hog (to my taste…, sorry guys). I think that the old, basic HTML site was not broken and did not need to be fixed. I currently run the latest asterisk 1.8.x with FPBX 2.9 and it works great.

On another topic (wow, this post is getting a bit long…) FPBX can run in other OSs other than Centos. I have FPBX running in CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Slackware. On the last three I’ve installed via ‘compilation’, meaning I downloaded the source and ran the install scripts rather then using a repo. Well…, on Slackware you can’t really do that anyway…

I think that’s all I’ve gotta say. I’m available for questions and I’m glad to help if anybody needs help. I don’t hang around here much, but I’ll do my best. To the developers…, I’ll see if I can do some changes to the code on the error I’m getting and let you know. I’d appreciate if you could give me a hand if you find the problem first… :wink:


Well…, it seems I’m gonna’ have to swallow my own toungue… I was just able to download and enable modules in FPBX. I dunno if it was something I changed in the code or if it was plain stupidity. Here is what happened:

By default the FPBX Framework is disabled after installation (I’m guessing that it is because it is a beta release…). I downloaded the update to FPBX (clicked the option to download and keep disabled), it downloaded succesfully. I later enabled the module and now all is almost fine and dandy. I’ve downloaded a coumple more modules and it seems to almost work fine. Im 99.99% sure that I had already done this before but it wouldn’t work. Oh well…, Murphy’s Law sucks, right? Jeje…

What does not work is that after the window comes up stating that downloading and installation is done I click ‘Go Back’ and the website does not update itself. I have to go to another module for the ‘Apply Config’ button to come up.

I’m using Firefox 21.0 in an Ubuntu 13.04 PC. No script filtering (my local subnet is whitelisted in my Script Filter Addon).


I want to change my distro from Astrisk now with Freepbx distro, I have centos loaded in my system. Is their any easy way to delete Asterisk now & install Freepbx distro? I have Freepbx web application already loaded and it is licensed. Thanks for your help.