AsteriskNOW (FreePBX) and 2N VoiceBlue GSM GW

I’m heaving difficulties seting up VoiceBlue GSM gateway and FreePBX.

I can make call thru VoiceBlue and I can receive one too. But I can’t hear anything (not just dialtone). I did tcpdump on interface and RTP packets are showing just fine (from VoiceBlue to my softphone and back), but there is no sound.

Any suggestions?


What about calls to and from the GSM network? I think I used as a starting point.

What docs are you using?

The same as you. Calls from and to GSM network are working. If I make a call from GSM network my extension is ringing, but when I answer that call, neither of us are hearing nothing. If I debug rtp I can see traffic between extension and VoiceBlue, so voice should be working. But it’s not. In other way around (extension to GSM network)… Same thing.

Hey I have about 6 or 7 of these things going on various sites. Can you tell me are you using mobility extensions?

If so they wont work! this is due to a issue with the way that Asterisk is complied and is unable to handle multiple extensions on a single IP number.

What is between the FREEPbx and VBL? or is it on the same network???

We had huge issues getting ours sorted but now never misses a beat.

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No, I’m not using mobility extensions and yes, they’re both on network

TNX for helping

Alan, I am still digging for a config I did a while back. Can you post?