Asterisknow,Freepbx 2 sip provider

Hi there,

Im using freepbx with PBX Firmware:6.12.65-31
and right now it is working with one sip provider.

Internet connection and sip number from x provider

eth0 and eth1 configure with ip address from provider x

right now i have purchase a new sip number with provider y and provider y has sent all the peer details.
also the register string etc.

I have configure the Trunk but registrint string is failing and most important thing is that i can ping from my pc the ip addres that sip provider y has given to me but i cannot ping the ip address from my pbx.

if i type Setup to access firewall , no command found .

Need help to activate this sip number

Thank you

Troubleshooting a registration string is hard for us, because we can only give you general help. If you want to post the connect string so that we can see it, you need to replace the account information and password with ‘username’ and ‘password’ (instead of the actual username and password.

All we can tell you is that the username and password need to be right, and the rest of the information on the string should match what your provider sent you.

The error you are getting back (you can usually see it from the Asterisk CLI or the /var/log/asterisk/full log file) would also be helpful.

You say that eth0 and eth1 have ip from the provider, what do you mean?
What IP address have these two interfaces and what ip has your computer?
What gateway your pc has?
Run the following command from the command line of your pbx


and post the results here.

I was going to skip that one until later. I’m pretty sure that, if the system is working with provider “A”, then the network is probably reasonably OK, regardless of the stuff he just said.

Im using internet from provider X. my default route are from the router that provider X has provide me .

asterisk has 2 ethernet cards eth0 has ip address for local extensions192.168.100.x
eth1 i connected straight to the router that provider x has provide me with an ip address that provider x has provide me for the purpose of SIP number.
my pc is in the same subnet with asterisk eth0 192.168.100.x so i can manage from gui interface etc.

now that i have a new sip provider, i have talked to him and they said no problem it will work.
So i have create a trunk with peer details the sip provider Y has provide me the registrin string cannot register due to host unrichable… The ip address that provider Y has given to me, i can ping from my host that are in the same subnet with my freepbx 192.168.100.x but if i try to ping the ip address from my pbx i do not have replay.

So, you log into the PBX Server and type “ping” and you get no responses?

We still don’t know the version of your PBX, which version of FreePBX you are using, what you’ve done to set up your firewall, or any of the other details that will help us help you fix this problem. You haven’t given us any information about how your network is connected to the other provider (VPN, firewall rules, firewall in the router, etc.) You also haven’t let us know if you are using NAT on the exterior router, if you’ve set up the NAT rules that forward port 5060 from your provider to the PBX, or anything else.

The fact that your network is, in fact, set up reasonably correctly is good news, but we need more information to help you figure out why your routing problems exist.

Run the following command and post here the output