asterisk1.4.2 and freepbx2.2.1

if i skip the check with the vesion of asterisk, maybe freepbx can be install smoothly, isn’t?
and is there lots diffrences on the data between asterisk1.2 and asterisk1.4.2 .
it will cost long time to compile asterisk. who know the certain answer that whether asterisk1.4.2 and freepbx2.2.1 can work together.

thank u very much
now freepbx run normal

Freepbx will not “work” with 1.4.2 at this time.

Ok It will work but many eature will not work “out of the box”

You other post made no sense

Asterisk does not use the “mysql” database for the exten info
It uses the asterisk DB for this.