Asterisk with Spectrum Business for Small office setting up SIP Help?

Hello and Thanks in advance…

i am new here as well as to setting up VOIP w/ freepbx…

Here is my situation: we switched phone companies to spectrum business… we used to have Birch with separate lines, but in order to save money we decided to switch over to internet phones w/ freepbx… all phones are setup to asterisk… now i just need help setting up freepbx to communicate with out phone provider (spectrum) but i can’t get sip trunk info off them as they say i need optic fiber… all they left me is with a Arris TM804 Telephony Modem and im wondering if there is any way i can have freepbx communicate with that modem? or do i have to upgrade to that fiber optic SIP from spectrum… (which i’d do but i need a temporary solution to have phones for the office and i cant get a hold of any spectrum fiber sales rep…)

Please someone help… im so lost.

Welcome. You can’t trunk to a SIP provider without their cooperation. If they won’t give you SIP connection details, it’s unlikely anybody here will be able to.

Does the modem provide dial tone to the telephone port(s)? If so, you could connect the FreePBX server to the phone ports on the modem if you have the necessary hardware (TDM card or gateway with 1 FXO port per phone port on the modem). Even if it does work, it’s a horrible solution, you really want a provider that allows you to trunk directly without putting analog devices in the middle.

thank you for your response!

I am not sure why they wont give me the details… they are stating i dont have SIP Trunking so maybe i have to upgrade that or something… but meanwhile i do, i would like to get the phones running on what i currently have just as a temporary solution… the modem does give me a dial tone… it is currently hooked up to a regular landline phone so we may receive calls at the office. The modem also has a ethernet port. Is there any way i can connect that to our switch and have asterisk communicate with it so that our phones can start working meanwhile i get a sip trunk provider?

thanks again for the help.

I doubt it. This is a question for your provider.

Give the Sipstation free trial a go if you want to do some testing.

Spectrum Business is actually a horrible solution for what it sounds like you want to do.

There are lots of other service providers that charge A LOT less than C-Link.

For small applications, I’d recommend SIPStation (a Sangome partner) or Alcazar Networks.
For larger applications, Alcazar and Voip Innovations are good choices.

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