Asterisk-version-switch not working

I’ve just upgraded FreePBX distro 2.210.62-2 through each script all the way up to 3.211.63-7. At this point I wanted to switch to Asterisk 11 but when I type asterisk-version-switch in the CLI, all I get is:
"-bash: asterisk-version-switch: command not found"
Is the proper script for this somehow missing from my system and if so, is there a way to load it?

rpm -qa | grep asterisk-version-switch

What does that come back with?

Sorry wrong command. The next version is changing it from a tarball to a proper RPM. Go look in /usr/local/sbin

The script should be located in that directory. If not do a yum install asterisk-version-switch

The command is not executed in the CLI.

It has to be run from a linux prompt.

Thanks Tony, it wasn’t there but the yum install fixed it. It’s an awesome feature, I just found out about it in the wiki last night.