Asterisk Uptime: 44 years, 39 weeks, 17 hours, 45 minutes

Newly installed FreePBX and the uptime on the status page is reporting “Asterisk Uptime:44 years, 39 weeks, 17 hours, 45 minutes”. Is this a known bug and how can I correct it?

Next time set the clock on your computer before you start anything, Ref:-

Perhaps your battery is flat.

I think the time may of been wrong when it first booted, but it’s right now.

It’s a Raspberry Pi.

It was, the PI has no battery or RTC start a time service BEFORE asterisk (or anything else for that matter).

Wow, talk about uptime! A new record for freepbx!

SIP connections will largely be rejected if the time skew is more than “a very small time difference from now()”, just to let you know.

Ref:- RFC 3261

Try it:-

date -s "+100 years"

rasterisk -x “core show uptime”

an even newer record, BUT. . . Does it work anymore?

To recover,

date -s "-100 years"

I set the time correclty on the server but it didnt correct Asterisk. I rebooted the PBX and its now updated correctly.