Asterisk upgrade & FreePBX 2.11

Currently we have Asterisk 11.7 installed with FreeBPX Has anyone had issues upgrading asterisk to 11.20 or some newer issue? The simplified version of my setup is I have a PRI coming into a digium card. There is a SIP trunk to another asterisk server in India (this will get an asterisk update also). The phone connect to the primary asterisk server over a site-to-site VPN.

Can we roll back if we have major issues?

The issue we are trying to resolve is that many calls that go over the SIP trunk will have 25 seconds of dead air. There are no NAT issue and there is sufficient bandwidth.

Are you on the FreePBX Distro?

I thought it was but after hunting down the version # I found out it is an AsteriskNOW distro so we can close this issue out.