Asterisk Trunk Dial Options on old FreePBX

How to set trunk option Asterisk Trunk Dial Options on FreePBX 2.8 & asterisk 11 who does not have that option in GUI?
Asterisk Trunk Dial Options: TtA(custom/MyAudioFile) in new FreePBX, but how to set this if GUI does not have it?


Not sure there is an answer to your question, but suggest that your only goal for a system that went EOL a decade ago is to migrate to a supported version.

My memory isn’t what is used to be, but I’m pretty sure those trunk dial options are in the GUI. In fact, they’ve been in the GUI for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been using Asterisk since 1.4 and Trixbox.

Is this announcement intended to be heard by a human, or a machine?

Human: If it is a disclaimer or similar notification, e.g. “This call is being recorded for quality control.”, this is not a good idea. The call may be answered by an IVR or a live receptionist, so the person actually taking the call would not hear the announcement.

Machine: If you are trying to automatically navigate a speech-enabled IVR, sending DTMF instead (if supported by the remote system) will be more reliable. In either case, using a custom trunk with the appropriate Dial string should do what you want. (My apology if the old system also doesn’t support custom trunks.)

Thanks to everyone for reporting. Of course it is best to go for the new FreePBX. Unfortunately this is not currently an option. The question is whether it is possible to create a context for a trunk that would include the required functionality.

Please explain why you can’t upgrade – that may be an easier problem to solve.

Does your system have “Custom” trunks? “dialout-trunk-predial-hook”?

Also, please explain your application. Will this announcement be added to every call, to calls on a specific trunk but to a variety of destinations, or just when calling a specific number? Are the affected calls initiated by a machine or a human? Will the announcement be played to a machine or a human?

The PBX is Elastix 2.4 (FreePBX 2.8, Asterisk 11, CentOS 5). It is not easy to explain to the user that this needs to be replaced.

Elastix has an option - Custom Trunk (with Custom Dial String).
There are 3 SIP trunks for 3 companies on PBX. For 2 SIP trunks, the set message should be said when making an outgoing calls (“here company A this conversation can be recorded”). This is followed by a normal conversation (meaning that the caller does not have to tell everyone that the conversation is being recorded). The message will be reproduced to the human.

The Custom Trunk with Custom Dial String option is a more compelling reason than not being able to explain to the customer why a system that’s at least five Major releases out of date (including numerous critical security patches) needs to be updated. Also, Elastix is no longer supported, so you have no recourse for updates and security fixes if something happens. As soon as someone breaks into his system and makes a few thousand dollars worth of phone calls, he’ll be clamoring for an update.

Good. So did you try it? If so, does it work?

Did you mention that the supported version has the feature you’re looking for?

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