Asterisk server status - ERROR


I am using FreePBX

This system work for me very well for the past 3 years.

However, this morning when I step in office. The phone system no long working.

I login to my Control Panel page, I found that,

Under Server Status

Asterisk - ERROR (Red)
Others - all fine ( Green)

Any solutions for this??
We are suffering no calls can call in or call out.

Thank and really appreciate for your help.

The Asterisk process has stopped running. Try restarting with ‘amportal restat’ command

You told us nothing about your system, FreePBX is a web interface for Asterisk. It can be installed on many types of systems so hard to tell anything specific without more info.

Thank for your reply.

Sorry I am a newbie for Asterisk. What kind of system information I need to provide to u?

I am currently running Asterisk with CentOS 5.

What else information I should provide?

FreePBX and Asterisk version at a minimum.

Anyway, log into the console (shell) and type the command ‘amportal restart’

If you get any errors cut and paste them into this message thread.

I am running Asterisk 1.4.26 and FreePBX

I paste “amportal restart” in terminal, but no error occur.

but when i login to FreePBx again, its indicate problem
Here i attached the screenshot

Thank you so much for helping

You have to run from a terminal session, This can be done in a terminal session. Either from a console attached to the server or from your pc using putty.

Once you have acces you can run the am portal restart command.


Rebooting is not a troubleshooting step.

Amportal will tell us if asterisk is starting or not and why.

I can’t think of a single good reason to restart a Linux box. I have machines with years of uptime

[ ~]# uptime
 13:05:37 up 783 days, 13:04,  1 user,  load average: 2.84, 1.80, 1.44
[ ~]#

Yes. I did it in terminal. But everything seems good.

I just got my engineer to check. he said might be one of the configuration error. but he still cant track the error.

so any idea to check this?