Asterisk running as root not asterisk

I went to install freepbx and I get an error message saying that asterisk is running as root and needs to run as asterisk. How do I change the user and group asterisk is running as? Do I have to install it when I am on the console as the user asterisk? Can I change the user without starting over?

You would have to say how you installed asterisk (running asterisk as root is never a good idea).

FreePBX requires you to have asterisk run as the same user as your webserver.

… or (if this helps) the webserver running as the Asterisk user.

(as long as that user is NOT root :wink: , it would work but some Icelandic 400 lb bot in his mums basement will have you by the balls in ‘not so much time’)

I think I might just have to change permissions on asterisk related files or directories to change the user.

permissions on files won’t help, best to start asterisk with ‘-U asterisk’ and ‘-G asterisk’ options and arrange for the webserver to also start with asterisk user and group

The ‘distro’ and most other recipes will do that for you if you accept the defaults and/or follow the recipe carefully.

I found a thing on line and it now works. Asterisk is running as asterisk.

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