Asterisk RPM updates overwrite my logrotate changes

Latest yum updated FPBX distro.

My changes in /etc/logrotate.d/asterisk are getting overwritten by the asterisk RPM. Happened when the RPM updated and when I run asterisk-version-switch. My altered version gets saved as asterisk.rpmsave. Should it not be the other way around like what other RPM packages do, keeping my changes as is?


The way that asterisk-version-switch works is by removing one set of packages and installing another set of packages. So it is an uninstall and install rather than an update. So if you are using asterisk-version-switch the configs will be replaced on install of the new package set.

IIRC logrotate will load in order so try creating you own file /etc/logrotate.d/zasterisk which should overload the settings.

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Thanks for the explanation. Makes more sense now. I think your idea of creating zasterisk might do the trick.

What I want to do is change logrotate from daily to size 50M. I also copy logrotate script from cron.daily into cron.hourly. This way, if I get huge files they will be rotated away quite quickly, if not they will only rotate when necessary.

You need to add hours to the date format if you do this btw.

dateformat -%Y%m%d-%H
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