Asterisk restarts on call transfer

This is possibly related to MOH, but I have this intermittant problem where the call is placed permanently on hold, and the transfer fails I would guess 50 percent of the time. I notice in the logs that asterisk restarts itself at this point. I am using the latest Freepbx distro. Anyone have any thoughts?

Just a quick update - Asterisk restarts have been happening at random since this post. Perhaps not related to transferring calls. I’ve done some extensive googling on the subject and I keep seeing people suggest its related to MOH. I keep seeing people say its mpg123 and its (in)ability to play back mp3’s in a stable manner.

Now the distro does come with some pre-baked on hold music which is not too bad so I kept it. They seem to be in wav format, so I am not convinced it is indeed MOH.

Can anyone help me fix this issue, random asterisk restarts are No good for business. Thank you!!!