Asterisk restarting after clicking apply config

After we updated from FreePBX 15 to FreePBX 16.0.40, clicking the Red Apply Button restarts asterisk, this is not ideal as when there are people on the phone and I need to make changes to the PBX they’re calls are dropped.

In another unresolved thread, users were unable to call out, but you are now concerned about changes dropping calls in progress? Are these different systems?

How do you know that Asterisk is being restarted? Note that some settings such as Allow Transports Reload can cause reloads to drop calls in progress, without restarting Asterisk. If Asterisk really is restarting, check the log for an error triggered by the reload that caused it to crash.

It was something we only noticed and came to the conclusion recently as I was working on the other issue.

No this is the same PBX.

We have a Zabbix agent installed on the PBX which sends us an alert when the Asterisk service goes down which did not happened in FreePBX 15.

We have this setting turned off. Are there any other settings that do this?

I’m guessing that I will find this logs in full?

I’m not aware of any but am not expert at this.

In full , on a normal reload, you’ll see regular call processing stuff, followed by ‘Remote UNIX connection’, followed by ‘Reloading module’ entries. Look back from there and forward to ‘Executing …’, checking for any ‘restarting’ entries.

What Asterisk version?


I was looking at the logs and I can’t see any like you mention, I’ll keep looking but since Zabbix tells me when Asterisk is down I know around the time it was restarting, and there aren’t any of those entries.

Just bumping this, I really hope we can figure this one out.

When you run fwconsole reload does it restart as well?

I have tested that and no it doesn’t restart when I run fwconsole reload.

/var/log/{messages,syslog} would better show the kernel restarting asterisk and the reason it was restarted.

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