Asterisk Rest Interface Events "Upgrade Required"

We’ve been coding a web based click-to-call using Asterisk Rest Interface (ARI), and so far all the functions have worked, but when we attempt to go to the “ari/events” path, we get an “Upgrade Required” message:

If I run “yum update” on the command line it says “no packages marked for update”.

If I run System Admin is says I am up to date:

If I run Module Admin and check for updates, everything is up to date including both the Asterisk API and ARl modules:

Are there any other places on the FreePBX Distro where things can be upgraded besides those three?

You can’t view websockets in a standard browser. Thats how the spec is written. If you view it in a standard browser the server will tell the protocol it needs to upgrade. This is to keep it in line with the HTTP spec. It doesn’t mean there is an upgrade. I suggest you do some reading on websockets to learn more about them.

Thank you, I let the coder know that; he 's programmed click-to-call apps before with different technology but he’s new to websocket/asterisk. The terminology used made him assume I was supposed to upgrade something.

Just so I know in the future, those are the only three places on FreePBX where things can be upgraded, right?:

  1. shell “yum update”
  2. System Admin Module “Updates”
  3. Module Admin “Check for Updates”

Does running (2) upgrade the stuff on (1) or (3), or does running (3) upgrade the stuff on (2) or (1)? Or should I just keep running them all independently of each other?

You don’t need to run “yum update” if you use the distro upgrade scripts (which would also upgrade the modules in the GUI)

Oh, so running “System Admin Module” then “Updates” in the GUI is the same thing as running the distro upgrade script in the shell?

I think I get it: System Admin Updates can upgrade everything including “yum update” and “Module Admin”, and if I want, I can run Module Admin updates for the weekly and critical GUI updates?