Asterisk Realtime

Hi all,

I’m checking if I could purely use Asterisk Realtime for inbound call flows.
Setting up queues, IVR’s, time conditions,…
Currently I’m using Asterisk version 18.6.

I already found some documentation for setting up PJSIP extensions:

Do you guys have any (bad) experiences with using realtime?

Thanks for your replies!

Are you referring to… with FreePBX? Or no FreePBX at all.

If possible, without FreePBX…

The Asterisk community forum is at and would be a better place for Asterisk specific inquiry. What I tell people though regarding the use of a database is that it’s best to avoid directly connecting Asterisk to a database, because you introduce another point of failure into things - and if your database is having problems in any way, then Asterisk can have problems. I talked about it in a webinar.

Great stuff, that helps a lot! Thanks

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