Asterisk realtime HowTo?

hi, sorry if this question is asked and answered already. but i can not find any info anywhere.
i m using asteriskNOW 1.5.0 distro and i want to use realtime in asterisk?
can some one point to right direction please???

Try here:

thanks for answer
but after this:
svn co asterisk-addons
i get readme file which says.
"README for Asterisk Addons

The modules that previously lived here are now in the addons directory of the
main Asterisk source tree.
and that is for 1.2 version.

The above posted link was just a suggestion where you could read about Asterisk RealTime.

Do NOT follow the instructions BEFORE you fully understand how Asterisk works.

If you don’t know how to download the correct asterisk-addons for your version of Asterisk you will get a lot of broken pieces to work with.

I will not post anything else here in this thread because the scope is not related to FreePBX.

if you just read about even title line
it says HowTo
and i have test system where i do what ever i want without going near to prod.
but thanks for your comments