Asterisk phonebook and DPMA phonebook : Please help me!


Is it possible to sync the Asterisk phonebook with the DPMA phonebook ?

Thank you.

What Asterisk phonebook?

And, what do you mean by DPMA phone book?

I am French, I am sorry for my English.

Astersik phonebook : FreePBX -> Admin -> Asterisk Phonebook
DPMA phonebook : FreePBX -> Connectivity -> Digium Phones -> Phonebooks

Thank you

No worries.

That’s the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX.

We don’t currently do anything in it to try to synchronize with any FreePBX generated phonebooks; there didn’t used to be one to try to sync against. I’ll take a look at it now and see if we could put in a feature request for such a thing. No promises.



Finaly, I just want sync the Asterisk phonebook with my Digium Phone phonebook. Another way ?
I think to directly sync the Asterisk database whith the DPMA database ? Good way ?

Thank you

So that looks like it’s for system wide speed dials.

The Digium Phones Addon (separate from DPMA, DPMA is the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk, a binary module, for FreePBX can hook into other extension made on the system but it doesn’t currently hook into that FreePBX module. I’ll enter a feature request for it. Anyone else out there use this module or want this kind of functionality?


Finaly, I want sync my all phonebooks.

In fact, I sync Outllook Contacts with Google Contacts, I sync Google Contacts with Asterisk Phonebook. My contacts are in Outlook, in Google, in FreePBX and in my Android smartphone.

When I insert a new contact in Outllook , this contact is in Google Contacts (I can view this contact from anywhere), this contact is in FreePBX (when I receive a call, my Digium phone display the contact name [ID lookup on the Asterisk Phonebook in the inbound route], this contact is in my Android smarphone (Phonebook and ID lookup with Google Contacts application).

Google Contacts is the database of this system.

All phonebooks and ID lookups are syncing with Google Contacts.

I think this idea is a good way.

Only, I can not sync the phonebook of my Digium phone with the Astersik Phonebook or with the Google Contacts !

Have you an idea ?

Thank you.

The only thing I’m aware of that accomplishes such a thing is the app from the Aptus people:

The native contacts app on Digium phones does not tie into Google contacts. Nor am I aware of any other middleware to piece the two together.