Asterisk Phone Book - Contacts

It depends on how you connected your Digiums to freePBX. If you configured your Digium D65 phone using the Digium phones module in freePBX (Advanced DPMA configuration) you can use my script, I posted above. It will create a xml file (based on entries in freePBX contactmanager) the Digium can use…for outgoing and incoming calls.

@Charles_Darwin - We did not use the Digit phones module to setup the phones. They were all configured via the phones web interface.

We were never successful in getting the Digium phones to work properly via the Digium phone module and since we needed to setup the Cisco phones manually anyway we just have stuck to that method.

EDIT: Anyway, since we have setup multiple phones on the same extensions it looks like the Digium phone module wouldn’t work for us anyway.

Is there a way to get the contacts on the Digium D65 and A30 without the Digium phone module?

It is just an XML file. We said that already

I don’t know…
Can you set the path to the phonebook file in the webgui of the phone? If yes, you can use freePBX contact manager and the script I posted above.

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