Asterisk Phone book and Speed dial

Hi, I’m having a problem with the speed dial functionality with FreePBX / Asterisk. (FreePBX and Asterisk 1.4.22). I can successfully add entries via the phone book module, however, I am not able to use the speed dial entry. I am using “*0” to dial the user. The only log message I can find is “chan_sip.c: Call from ‘2010’ to extension ‘*012’ rejected because extension not found” where “12” is the speed dial number. Any help or direction as to how phone book works and how to track the problem down would be helpful

Best Regards
Steve B

have you gone into the feature codes and made sure that the speed dial prefix is enabled? without that it will not work.

Mmm, I don’t appear to have that option, which seems a bit odd. :frowning: Any idea’s ?

Feature code options:-

Blacklist a number
Blacklist the last caller
Remove a number from the blacklist
Call Forward
Call Forward All Activate
Call Forward All Deactivate
Call Forward All Prompting Deactivate
Call Forward Busy Activate
Call Forward Busy Deactivate
Call Forward Busy Prompting Deactivate
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate
Call Waiting
Call Waiting - Activate
Call Waiting - Deactivate
Asterisk General Call Pickup
Dial System FAX
Directed Call Pickup
In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer
In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer
In-Call Asterisk Disconnect Code
In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording
Simulate Incoming Call
User Logoff
User Logon
Do-Not-Disturb (DND)
DND Activate
DND Deactivate
DND Toggle
Follow Me
Findme Follow Toggle
Info Services
Call Trace
Echo Test
Speak Your Exten Number
Speaking Clock
Paging and Intercom
Intercom prefix
User Intercom Allow
User Intercom Disallow
Phonebook Directory
Phonebook dial-by-name directory
Check Recording
Save Recording
Dial Voicemail
My Voicemail

Steve B

double check that you have the speed dial module loaded and enabled.

Many thanks for your help, themodule was not installed. I manually downloaded the module and used setup -> modules admin -> upload module and all works fine now. Many thanks fro your help.

P.S. Where does the ‘asterisk phonebook’ store the numbers ?

Best Regards, and again thank you. This is a wonderful piece of software.

the asterisk phonebook stores them in berkley DB tables that is what the underlying engine, asterisk uses, not MySQL.

I have the same issue, phonebook is loaded, speed dial is not. Can someone post instructions on how to manually download and install the speed dial module?

Download the speeddial module located at :-

From FreePBX dashboard click on ‘Modulae Admin’. The click ‘Upload Module’

This will present a ‘browse’ and an ‘upload’ button.

Click on ‘browse’ and navigate to the ‘speeddial-2.5.0.tgz’ file. Select upload to upload the file. Once the upload is complete, click on the Apply configuration button as usual.

Hope this helps
Steve B


While that might work. you don’t know which version of FreePBX they are using and loading a version that does not match the version they are using can cause big problems…

the Speeddial module is available via the regular module menu.

go to module admin, click on check online for updates, then look under the heading of “CID & Number Management” Second module down is exactly what you need for the version and gotten the correct way.

Yes, OK understood. Unfortunately, for me, I couldn’t get the module from the regular module menu, it wasn’t listed. So had to resort to downloading it manually. Many Thanks. I’ll be more careful.

Steve B

I also want to use speed dial codes and it is not in the list, tht only thing in the list under the heading CID & Number management is Phonebook directory.

I am reluctant to download manually as I don’t want to risk getting the wrong version and messing things up.

any advice please?


Which version of FreePBX?
Have you clicked on check for online updates in the Module Admin? Many of the modules if they already downloaded and/or installed will not show until that time or you go online and check for updates.

Thanks for the reply. I think I am using 2.4.0, there are version numbers all over the place and I am never sure which one relates to what.
core version is 2.4.11 at the bottom of the config pages it says PBXconfig 2.4.0, the FreePBX branding seems a little less prominent in this version. In the green stripe at the bottom of the pages it says" v2.6.1.13 ©2008 Fonality, inc All Rights Reserved." I guess thats the trixBox version

Yes I have checked online for updates, it’s just not on the list. I looked at an older version that I have (2.4.0 with more prominent freePBX branding) and it was in the list. but I need it for the new version.

With the help of the earlier post I think I’ve installed it by manually downloading it on to a spare unit that I have. I assumed that I needed for the version I have?

I’d appreciate it if you would confirm that all my assumptions are correct.

Thanks Dave

yes that is the version you need. But the lack of the module being available is due to Fonality. trixbox 2.6 points to the Fonality repository that they maintain NOT the FreePBX repo and if they don’t have that module installed in the repo that is outside of our control as they forked FreePBX for there own patches and changes and this is one of those.

Thanks for your replies and prompt help. It’s a shame that the freePbx branding seems to have gone since FreePBX seems to so much work within TrixBox.


you can get it back if you want… download and install the tarball from this site.

In fact since you are using trixbox 2.6 there is a page on this site that gives directions on how to get the latest version of FreePBX on trixbox (read here about 1/3 of the way down).

You’d of course be better off just moving off trixbox if at all possible but if you can’t then at least you can come home again to the true FreePBX version that has been tested to be stable and true.

What would you recommend if I did try an alternative?

I like trixboxes resonably easy installation, (one ISO CD)
I am a bit loyal to TB but I don’t like it when things happen like you try the latest version and things are missing (speed dial)
I want to be able to use BRI, PRI ISDN, analogue or Voip. (not all on the same box)
I like the freePBX functionality.
I don’t like that I can’t get the lights on my snom phones to work properly using latest TB they are sometimes delayed by upto 20 seconds.

I guess installing trixbox and getting the latest version of freepbx would be Ok unless there is a better way?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Dave -

I am sure you have noticed that I am helping you with your delayed BLF which I don’t think is a trixbox issue.

The problem as you have seen is that Fonality is not adding anything to FreePBX (in fact they are subtracting) which, along with Asterisk is the core of the distribution. When they leave out modules and keep their repository in a shambles it creates the problems you are having. I am sure you also have noticed that you take your like into your own hands when you use yum to update trixbox. Believe it or not the majority of folks running trixbox never update once they install the ISO. It is obvious through their actions that the ISO gets most of the attention.

Digium is currently conducting a public beta of Asterisk now which includes FreePBX. This should become the definitive distribution as Digium will be supplying the compiled Asterisk and DAHDI (the new Zaptel modules). If you use Sangoma or Rhino hardware you will have to install their drivers from RPM’s This is not a hard task to learn.

I am always curious, what other trixbox modules are compelling for you? Is it the endpoint manager, the system configuration manager or the CDR tool?


Will follow your advice regarding BLF and thanks for it.

Trixbox modules!
I think that there is a CDR report within freepbx which I prefer to use than the TB one, although it would be nice if it was easier to filter either internal calls, outgoing calls or incomming calls. and have a column for ring time before answer. I’ve not given this too much thought but could the context be used to help filtering?

I found the EPM interesting but not usefull enough. It’s nice to have the discovery part of it to find the phones on the network and their mac addresses and IP addresses but its a pain to use it to configour 10 phones all the same. perhaps an option to change to spread sheet style view would be better so that you could set up one phone, copy its settings to the others and then just change a few individual settings on the odd phone.

I ve been ysing the settings page tor the snom’s as a guide and putting my own config file in the tftpboot file enabling me to adjust things on the phone that you cant with epm.

system configuration manager? is that the config file editor?