Asterisk not working after 2.7rc1.3 upgrade PLEASE HELP

HI. yesterday I upgrade from 2.7rc1.1 to 2.7rc1.3 as the module recomend there was a new module upgrade, but today in the morning i saw that frepbx panel control show that asterisk was in error, so tried to do a amportal restart but it said that can write only read. (my instalation is on a usb memory stick crosair 8 gigas)
then I tried to reboot the pc and the usb flash normal when is starting but then after a 2 minutes it does not flash anymore. I can not access the ip where asterisk is and therefore I can not get into the system. by backups are inside the usb stick I dont know if there was the 2.7rc1.3 which affect the asterisk and web server and I think to try to restore in backups to 2.7rc1.1 instead, but the problem is that I can not reach the asterisk, how Can I restore ? what do i need if I put in other asterisk box and tried to do the restore ? how can I do this ( i am not very good at linux)
is there a file that has all my trunks, custom-routes etc ?
any help with this would be appreciate

I put in other pc the usb freepbx install. and it show that it had corrupted filesystems. so I did something line this cfdk and now it seems that is working again.
by the way. what could do the system file corrupted ? the upgrade to 2.7rc1.3 core or something more ? what ussually do this ??

thanks anyway

it show the error. i dont know if it is because I did the fix in other pc hardware and then put in the usb stick in the original pbx box

Bringing up interface eth0: 8139too device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.