Asterisk not running

Hi Guys!

I am a newbie when it comes to Asterisk.

Ok having said that, after installing AsteriskNow ISO CD, i logon to my web gui interface of freepbx, i noticed on the right hand side on the bottom where it says:

Asterisk (ERROR)
Op Panel (Warn)
Web Server (OK)
SSH Server (OK)

What could be the problem Asterisk (Error) and Op Panel (Warn)?

Any help will be highly appreciated!

It looks like Asterisk and FreePBX admin passwords don’t match. From the Asterisk CLI>, do you see any status messages about the admin loggin on then off. Normally, you would see this happen every 30 seconds or so as FreePBX polls Asterisk. If the passwords were out of whack, then you would see authentication errors.

Check that /etc/amportal.conf has the same admin password as /etc/asterisk/manager.conf. Here’s more info on users and passwords