Asterisk Logfiles settings file

After upgrading to Asterisk Logfiles I lost the settings file. When I try to load the settings page I get the message “404 Not found (modules/logfiles/page.logfiles_settings.php)”.

Also when I try to display the logfile I see a blank page.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

I am

Confirm. After the update from to 2.11.3 to solve the FreePBX Ticket 6548 (to fix the issue about no highlighting link in menu navigation) selecting Settings -> Asterisk Logfile Settings sub-menu would provide a blank page with this text message:

404 Not found (modules/logfiles/page.logfiles_settings.php)

Posted a comment about that on the Ticket that was fixed.

Development released version of Asterisk Logfiles module (Asterisk Logfile Settings) to fix the missing files issue. Update it ASAP to fix what you reported.

Thanks for the quick turnaround.