Asterisk internal DB and Freepbx GUI

I need to change remotely (w/o GUI) Default User for particular Device in Deviceandusers mode. I can do it via internal Asterisk DB - Database put AMPUSER MyExtension/device NewDevice. It is working correctly with new combination but w/o any changes in GUI. What I need to do in order to correct info in GUI? Some type of synchronisation between internal Asterisk DB and FreePBX GUI ? Application/ Devices/Default User field is different from AMPUSER/MyExtension/device field in Database.

The GUI doesn’t really support D&U mode directly, so it might be hard to say. The FreePBX GUI drives the ASTDB entries, but not the other way around, at least not in this case.

If I was doing the research, I’d look to see what other extensions /device settings are getting set to and search through the GUI for that.

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