Asterisk; Incoming call rings only once on the phone but keeps ringing on caller's phone

Hi, it’s my first message. I’m trying to find out a problem that I couldn’t solve by myself.

We’re using Asterisk with Xorcom, the interface is Complete PBX by Xorcom (excuse my ignorance if I’m listing them wrong I’m new to this whole PBX thing, trying to get a grasp of it)

Until to date, I was able to solve the problems that I get from our users by making google searches and trying different combinations. Now I have a problem that I wasn’t able to solve with those approaches. I hope I can get some help, advices and new search ideas here.

My problem is particular to an extension, the phone on this extension rings only once when called. I’m calling the number to check, it keeps ringing, but the user reports that he gets the same result when he calls his extension, he can hear the ringing on his cellphone but the extension just stops ringing.

I checked the follow me settings and canceled them. But I’m out of ideas. What may I check?

Thanks in advance community.

I believe you have the wrong “community”, this one is support for FreePBX over Asterisk, you would need help from Xorcom for your choice of interface.

The screenshots I found suggest it might be a heavily modified fork of FreePBX…

It does seem to be too different now for us to be of any help though…

Have a nice day!


Thanks guys. Sorry for being in the wrong community.
That’s what I usually do with my life anyway. LOL.

I wish a great day to both of you.