According to Asterisk IMS TEL protocol for incoming calls not recognized - Asterisk Support - Asterisk Community
Asterisk has supported TEL URI with chan_sip since version 13. If you need to get this working quickly, that’s your easiest option.

According to Handling of tel URIs - Asterisk SIP - Asterisk Community , pjsip supports TEL URI but Asterisk’s interface to pjsip does not. If pjsip is important, perhaps you (or someone in your organization) can contribute a patch.

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The version I use now is asterisk16, using Chan_ SIP will report the following errors

I believe the position with chan_sip is that Asterisk recognizes but doesn’t support tel:. You use it at your own risk.

The issue with chan_pjsip is basically the same but they took the position that they didn’t want to include something that wasn’t exhaustively tested.

To get a patch through for chan_pjsip, I believe you are going to have to demonstrate that it covers every possible edge case and has been thoroughly tested. I suspect that will take much longer than actually writing the patch.

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To support tel URI every place in the Asterisk PJSIP implementation that deals with URIs has to be updated to handle it. Failure to do this will cause a crash if a tel URI is present, which is a security vulnerability. This is why there is such a strict extensive test coverage requirement.

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