Asterisk Gateway: help to set up a BRI Trunk

Hello everyone,

this is my first post here, so I hope some one out there can help me to solve this issue:

In my company there is already a Meridian ISDN PBX. I am currently working on a project to implement VoIP, therefore I need to set up a Meridian/Asterisk Gateway. I want to use for this a BRI/SIP Trunk using the Digium Wildcard B410P.

Outgoing calls from Asterisk to Meridian work fine. The problem is the opposite direction, from Meridian to Asterisk.

I reserved the 20XXX range for incoming calls from Meridian -> Asterisk. When a user dials 20 then the Meridian PBX sends the call to Asterisk, then Asterisk (or the Digium Card) accepts the call.

My question is, is there a way to make Asterisk (or the Digium Card) to wait for the remaining three next digits before accepting the call??

I tried to read digits using IVR and then send the call to the next hop, but the problem is that the screen of the telephone of the user behind the Merdidian PBX displays only 20 and not the 5 digits.

I hope someone outside can help me with this.


Hey guys,

I found the solution to my problem:


This makes the card to read for more digits from the ISDN side. After some time, it triggers a time out and connects the call with asterisk.