Asterisk forward issue

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We are using freepbx as telephony server with Cisco phones (SIP). Now we are facing some problems.
User 1 = Can call mobile and local
User 2 = Local call only

While User 1 forward his calls to his mobile number, when User 2 calls User 1 his call is not going through. Because User 2 is not allowed to call mobile numbers. I think PBX is directly initiating call from User 2 to mobile.
I can easily solve this by allowing mobile call (Dial plan) to this user, but its not practical in my current situation.
Is there any way to bypass this call through User 1 only?

How did you set this up?

I’m not sure how you could come to any other conclusion. Asterisk is a back to back user agent. All calls go through Asterisk, so if you say “extension 2 can’t call a cell phone” and try to send a call from extension 2 to a cell phone, I’d be completely astonished if it worked.

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We have 2 dial plans.One is for local and rest is for external calls.
User 1 calls are going through external dial plan. Because its allowed.
User 2 calls are going through local dial plan and didn’t have an external dial plan.

User 1 call forwarded to mobile number.
When call initiating from User 2 , and PBX finds extension is forwarded to a mobile number.
The Asterisk initiate call from User 2 to Forwarded number, which is a mobile number, User 2 cant get it because extension is not added in external dial plan.

I have tried followme to add fixedcid for forwarded calls. But its not working.

Is there any way to initiate call from forwarded extension?

If the phone is doing the forwarding (which it probably isn’t, Cisco doesn’t support that on most “converted” SIP phones), then you might be able to, but since Asterisk is a B2B User Agent and the phone is forwarded through the PBX, the short answer is “no”.

The long is answer is no too, at least not without a lot more changes to your system (like setting up an outbound route specifically for the forwarded number that uses the extension caller ID to intercept the call before your outbound blocks the call.

The /var/log/asterisk/full log should have all the details on what the actual call path is through the PBX.

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