Asterisk fails to start after installing Google Voice / Chan Motif from Module Admin

I have FreePBX, all uptodate and clean, i recently took a punt at installing the Google Voice Module, it installed from the Module Admin page and i started to work with it, i never finished setup as i had to reboot the machine, which when it came back could not start asterisk. The main error i found was

messages:Mar 16 16:05:01 servername kernel: asterisk[9511]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fbdf3dfb5b1 sp 00007ffcd3063020 error 4 in[7fbdf3df2000+d000]

Removing iksemel allowed me to get the system back working again (and reverse all the panic de-installs that i had done trying to work out what was going on)

However, Google Voice/Chan Motif does not work for me, i did not roll back to previous version as i don’t really need google integration at this point.

My question is, do i need to have iksemel installed for normal FreePBX op? Could it be that because i had not configured it asterisk was segfaulting? did iksemel get installed when i installed the module or was it just activated?

Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same issue.

GV does not work with Asterisk anymore.

The FreePBX Distro does not contain iksemel. A new system that you build from scratch should not have it, either.

If an older system just started crashing, try deleting any XMPP, motif or iksemel related config files.

Remove the motif module, try to restart asterisk.

fwconsole stop
fwconsole start

If it still fails to start try removing under /etc/asterisk


And try again.

I just downloaded FreePBX yesterday (version and it does contain iksemel. I deleted all the motif configuration stuff and now it isn’t crashing any more.

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