Asterisk died with code 1 issue

For the most part my new 1.4.20 / 2.4.0 system works very well, however, it seems like after a random time, it will stop working, and when I do an amportal restart, it says the following:

Asterisk ended with exit status 1
Asterisk died with code 1.
cat: /var/run/ No such file or directory

Now… first of all, it’s not going to find a pid file there because my run directory is /var/run/asterisk, so the path should be:
/var/run/asterisk/ (this folder is recursively owned by asterisk:asterisk btw)

I’ve got that specified in amportal.conf, and asterisk.conf

This is on a debian etch 4.0 system

Also my tail of /var/run/asterisk/full says that Asterisk shut down due to a zaptel configuration issue…
My zaptel is configured correctly for the cards, and I know this, because I ran them in a 1.2 system and they worked great, and all the applicable values are identical.

Any help would be great, I’m about to blow it away and give it a shot with CentOS…