Asterisk dead but subsys locked

I got this message after an upgrade to the latest version of asterisk and since then I cannot start successfully asterisk. When I try to start asterisk with asterisk -vvvc the last rows shows:

NOTICE[5484]: chan_ooh323.c:2766 reload_config: Unable to load config ooh323.conf, OOH323 disabled
ERROR[5484]: chan_ooh323.c:3901 load_module: Can’t load ooh323 config file, OOH323 Disabled

I have also tried to remove all of the files within /var/lock/subsys/ but this does not seem to help.

I understand that the asterisk crashes because it can’t find find the ooh323.conf file, which appears to be missing from the system but I don’t know why or how can I disable this codec since I don’t use H.323.

And when I try to restart the asterisk with service asterisk restart or /etc/init.d/asterisk restart it shows:

Stopping safe_asterisk: [ OK ]
Shutting down asterisk: [FAILED]
Starting asterisk: [ OK ]

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

Try adding the following line into the file /etc/asterisk/modules.conf:

noload =>

then restart asterisk

/etc/init.d/asterisk restart

Asterisk is not crashing, it just cannot load some modules, check asterisk status with

/etc/init.d/asterisk status

Thanks for the hint mate but I have already deleted the old asterisk instance and compiling the new one from source.

Have you also deleted /usr/lib/asterisk/modules folder before upgrading?

Yes, I have deleted all asterisk folders, Nevermind, finally I just reinstalled the whole system, because after the installation from source I wasn’t able even to perform an internal call. It took me almost 2 days to debug the problem and 3-4 hours to reinstall the whole system. :slight_smile: Anyway thanks a lot for your help kbeq!

The actual problem seems to be this :

The update script is also available. Have a try!

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Just in case this might help someone… In my case, I found that using touch to create an empty ooh323.conf file was not good enough. I’m guessing this was due to my system having multiple network interfaces (i.e. both eth0 and eth1 are configured). I could not get asterisk 11.11 to start successfully until I added both of these lines in my ooh323.conf file:


where is the address of one of my network interfaces.

Thank you, this fixed the issue I spent two days (downtime!) trying to solve. Mucho appreciado muchacho.